Boxing champion Anthony Joshua Guinness World Record

Boxing champion Anthony Joshua Guinness World Record

Following his victory in the ring of Joseph Parker on 31 March, British boxer Anthony Joshua made headlines again after helping Lusozade Sport Fitwater get the world's largest Boxrise ™ lesson.

Boxing champion Anthony Joshua Guinness World Record
Boxing champion Anthony Joshua Guinness World Record
The World Heavyweight Champion was one of 541 participants who competed in the epic fitness challenge in London on Monday (9 April).

The class was led by instructor Andy Wake, who took a huge group of men and women through 10 rounds of practice.

Boxercise ™ is a class that incorporates elements of boxing training - using pads and gloves - but no real sparring.

The final section of the lesson was done to the sound of Queen's Rock We Will Rock You '- an ideal song choice to inspire participants to push through the end of the 30-minute class.

Once it was over, official Guinness World Records advocate Pravil Patel provided Anthony Joshua with a certificate - another award to add to his collection of boxing belts and medals.

The event was organized by Lusozade to promote his new drink Fitwater, as well as encourage more people to be active.

IBF, WBA and IBO title holder, Anthony Joshua, said: "It's really exciting to be part of establishing a new Guinness World Records title with Fitwater. To have more than 500 people participate in something that I'm amazing , is amazing." Hopefully our world record success inspires more people to move on and join BoxSize. "

Anthony Joshua

"It was fantastic to see so many people sign up for the Lusokade Sport Fitwater event and participate in this world record effort. AJ is a huge inspiration and achieving more world record success as an athlete There is a testament to them. We are allowed to emphasize the importance of hydration while exercising. Fitwater is the perfect hydration partner for this type of exercise, as it contains electrolytes that help you lose weight when you sweat. "Lucy Gragut, head of Lucad Sport.

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This is not the first time a professional boxer has participated in the Guinness World Record effort. In 2015, former champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (USA) helped 791 people achieve the biggest boxing lesson at an event organized by the Boxing Academy in Moscow, Russia (a record that has since been raised to 3,000).

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