Cyclist Neil Campbell has 174mph Guinness World Record confirmed

Cyclist Neil Campbell has 174mph Guinness World Record confirmed

A cyclist who pedaled at a speed of over 174mph (280km / h) and ultimately recognized his achievement as a Guinness World Record.

Cyclist Neil Campbell has 174mph Guinness World Record confirmed

Neil Campbell, 45, an Essex architect, broke the men's cycling record along a two-mile (3.2 km) airstrip in Yorkshire in August.

They now have their sights on the overall record of 183.932mph (296.010km / h) held by an American woman.
"I never thought we could achieve this in this country," Daya Peddler said.

Mr. Campbell's team was to formally present witness statements, media reports and scientific evidence of the feat before it was officially confirmed.

Image captionMr Campbell has been officially recognized as the Guinness World Record holder
He described the news as "a great relief".

"It's an assurance - and a recognition for the team that has been working in this direction for a very long time," he said.
"But the records are meant to be broken. I feel humble enough."

Mr Campbell was fitted "with a large Tupperware box at the back" by Porsche Cayenne at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, then left to pass through the timing gate under his power.

He admitted that the record was almost unthinkable, after his rear wheel stopped and he got caught in a sports car during his car attempt.

Image caption An attachment was added behind the Porsche to help pull Neil Campbell along the track

The bike - based on a tandem design and using 3D-printed parts - "looks retro, but quite cutting-edge," he said.

He added that every element from the bike's design to the specially designed helmet and "airbag" suit should be perfect.

Mr. Campbell's speed is officially recorded as 174.339mph (280.571 km / h), breaking the previous speed record of 167mph established in 1995 by a Dutch rider.

He now holds the record for the fastest male cyclist in the world at Slipstream.

Image caption Nill Campbell, 45, was spotted on a specially built bike at 174.339mph

The overall world record is held by American Dennis Mueller-Korenec, who rode a custom bike at a take-off speed of a large jet averaging 183.932mph.

It was installed in September 2018 on a six-mile track at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Mr Campbell said he wanted to top 220mph (354 km / h) at the same US location the following year.

 "The challenge is not just physical," he said, "it's about science, planning and teamwork."


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