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Shakuntala Devi's Guinness Book Record Certificate made by efforts of Vidya Balan

Shakuntala Devi's Guinness Book Record Certificate made by efforts of Vidya Balan, daughter expressed happiness

Shakuntala Devi's film titled Human Computer is going to be released on OTT on Friday.  Shakuntala Devi used to do the multiplication of maths with a pinch, but do you know which is the calculation for which the Guinness Book of World Records gave her the title of the fastest calculator among humans.

Shakuntala Devi's Guinness Book Record

 Before knowing this, also know that the official title of this record made in 1980 of Shakuntala Devi has now been passed on to her daughter Anupama Banerjee.  On 18 June 1980 at Imperial College, London, Shakuntala Devi had to prove how fast she was in mathematics.  He was given two numerically selected 13-digit numbers, the product of which he gave 100 percent correct in just 28 seconds.

 Anupama was now very happy to find a paper document of her mother's achievement.  She says, "Receiving the honor from the mother in your own hands is a very different moment."  Only my mother could do it. '

 At the same time, Vidya Balan, who plays Shakuntala Devi in ​​the film, says, "We had a lot of meetings with Anupama while shooting in London and then I came to know that there is no certificate of such a huge achievement of Shakuntala Devi."  Then we all tried for this together and I am thrilled thinking that Anupama can always keep this sign of her mother from her chest.

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